About Us

Hello!  We're ARK Therapeutic, a family business that's been making chewies for over 20 years.  Check out the story of how we got started here.  

We're committed to creating chewing solutions for all ages and preferences. Whether you want something smooth or textured, chewy or super firm, thick or thin - we've got "chew" covered.

While all of the products that we make can be found on www.ARKTherapeutic.com, Chewvana is our sister brand/site dedicated to being a home for chew tools for teens and adults.

Chewies for adults?  That exists?!  Absolutely.  Have you ever bitten your fingernails?  Chewed on a pen cap?  Chewed gum?  Chewing is actually really common at all ages.  

Some people find chewing calming and relaxing.  Others find that it helps them focus and zone out distractions.  Some people use our chewies to help quit smoking or as a diet aid or to help seat their Invisalign liners better.  The list goes on!  For any of the above reasons and more, our chews provide a safe, nontoxic way to chew.