Need to Chew?

Yes. Chew tools exist.
And they're awesome!

I was always an avid chewer, potentially due to an anxiety disorder, or potentially just because of who I am. I'd gnaw and destroy wads of paper and cardboard, plastic bottle caps, lego bricks, wooden toys, small metal objects - I've even damaged pieces of furniture. After constant admonishment, in my teens, I did my best to train myself out of the habit. It only partly worked; I never managed to stop chewing paper like it was bubblegum, and sometimes I'd nip and bite at my own hands out of frustration.  It took me until now, at the age of 25, to learn that the need to chew was a part of other people's lives too.  I started off with this Super Star pendant, at XT toughness, unsure how substantially it would help me - but it's been a blessing I can hardly put into words. I've been gnawing it near-constantly, and it's been a better stress relief than anything else I've ever known. I've already ordered more, in XXT toughness (as I'm already damaging the XT I have now), and I don't think I've ever been happier with a thereputic tool in my life.

Bought this after seeing a TikTok from them and thought it would help with my ADHD, delivered super quick and I love it! Necklace was very long but came with easy instructions on how to shorten the cord. Love my necklace!

I got a crystal chewlery necklace the necklace is very good quality and hasn’t broken apart like some of the other chewlery I’ve gotten from other sites 100% would recommend this shop, prices are a little expensive but it’s worth it the people there are very nice and helpful

A lifelong finger and nail chewer, when I happened to cross these pieces of chewelry, I had to give them a try and they did not disappoint! When I'm wearing one, about 99% of the time, I remember to reach for it instead of my poor hands. Where was this 40 years ago?! Highly recommend.

I was a smoker and a skin picker. With this chew I was able to quit smoking and stop picking at my skin.

Your small “Chewth Pick” product is helping me quit biting my nails and skin. I’ve been using it daily! I have 3 designations: Go stick, car stick, home stick. Very helpful.

Husband loved it uses it constantly really helps his anxiety and helps with him chewing his fingers and shirt sleeves

As a young adult with ADHD, I needed something subtle to take to work with me. This is perfect!! Thanks so much— has saved my pens and probably my teeth.

I’m 22 and recently been diagnosed with ADHD. Chronic nail biter and have tried everything to stop 😭 got one of their chewlery to help! I don’t think I’m cured yet but it does definitely help!

This company has quality products, fast shipping, and great customer service. We have ordered several things from them over the years and have always been pleased.